The Inside Scoop: How JPS Got An "A"

The Leapfrog "A" Grade was years in the making, and by design

The announcement that JPS Health Network has earned a coveted "A" rating for patient safety came as welcome, but not surprising news for the team inside JPS. It was a payoff after years of intentional and dedicated work to improve.

This grade marks a high point in years of effort by JPS to improve its patient care, safety, quality, and experience.

JPS Health Network Earns an “A” Grade for Patient Safety from The Leapfrog Group

Rating for fall 2021 ranks JPS among the top hospitals in the United States, culminating years of work to improve patient outcomes and hospital efficacy

JPS Health Network team members celebrated the news that JPS has earned a coveted “A” rating for patient safety from The Leapfrog Group for fall 2021, a monumental achievement in the world of healthcare.

JPS Earns New Federal Grant to Expand Care for Patients with Substance Use Disorders

Grant awards nearly $5 million over five years to enhance JPS capabilities in crisis and preventive care

JPS Health Network has received a new federal grant to increase identification and treatment of patients with substance use disorders (SUD). The UPLIFT grant, one of only eleven awarded nationwide, totals almost $5 million over the next five years and will be used to implement screening, brief intervention, and referral to treatment at three locations.


Seeking New Joys: JPS President and CEO Leaves a Legacy of Improvement and Recognition for Tarrant County’s Public Health System

After 13 years leading a public health system now nationally recognized for its care and service to its community, Robert Earley is retiring as president and CEO of JPS Health Network. Earley shared the news with his staff via video message on Tuesday. His retirement comes with the network positioned to affect significant, taxpayer-supported improvements to healthcare delivery in the county, and Earley says all the hard work that brought JPS to this moment has taught him a few things.

Medical Home Successes Prompt Push for More in JPS Future Plan

The successful implementation of medical homes into the JPS Health Network in recent years is a driving force behind the inclusion of more medical homes as part of the JPS Future Plan. The $800-million bond referendum approved for JPS includes preliminary plans to add at least four more medical home facilities, with at least one coming in the first phase of the project, allowing JPS to provide more people with readily accessible healthcare services.